Meet Your Chef  Instructor

Adria is a disabled combat veteran turned plant based chef for self healing purposes.

After coping with an autoimmune disorder for over two years she went on a journey to find a more holistic way to feeling better. Within weeks of enrolling in a plant-based culinary school she had reversed her autoimmune disorder and was starting to feel better overall.


Sauté and Sip was born from realizing that usually the people who need it most don’t have the access or the means to the information that will help them in the long run as far as their health.  It was born as a way for Adria to share her new passion and skills with the people that think eating healthy is too expensive, or those looking to change their eating habits. Whatever their reason is, Adria can definitely relate. If anyone told her that all she had to do was add more fruits and veggies to her plate to be healed she would have laughed in their face and used some of the many excuses we all have.


Her  mission is to meet people where they are in regards to their eating habits. (After all, no matter how healthy we think we eat, we can always do better.) To provide the skills and knowledge needed to incorporate a Plant-Based lifestyle to begin to start feeling better at a cellular level. 

Find tons of great recipes and tips for the kitchen.
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Sauté and Sip